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5 Ways To Keep Your Customer Engaged

May 24, 2018
It costs five times more to find a new customer than to retain a current one. This is one of the many reason why it’s of chief importance to ensure that customers frequently patronize your brand. In order to help you, here are some solid ways to keep your customer engaged and loyal.

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Create Compelling and Valuable Content

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One of the biggest trends right now is content marketing and it’s proving to be a successful way of converting leads and retaining customers. In the simplest definition possible, content marketing makes use of blog posts, videos and social media to increase the interest of a target audience regarding a certain product, brand or industry. Companies such as Whole Foods and SoulCycle are reporting great numbers. Locally, companies such as Ramen Nagi and Bounty Fresh are also driving engagement.

Creating content allows the reader to have something to look forward to in your own social channels. They won’t just know features about products, but they’ll also be able to acquire information and valuable learnings about your company, your people and the industry you are in. This then adds a unique value to the customer experience.

Create posts. Build a blog. Publish articles and social media cards that have interesting information, tips, guides and data. This will certainly make them come back for more.

Become a Thought Leader

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Publishing content doesn’t only mean providing them with information that’s interesting. It’s also creative potential conversations and generating insights about your company, the business and the field. It is of utmost importance to have an opinion, to respond, to provide feedback, to contradict and to add to the ongoing dialogues.

One key thing you have to remember is that if you’re going to say the same thing as everyone, you’ll get lost in the noise.

Work on Your Customer Service Skills Constantly