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4 Ways Businesses Can Earn Customer Loyalty

May 16, 2018

Starting a business, making a profit, and satisfying your customers are difficult. No one’s disputing that. But earning their trust and loyalty is another. Often, it’s an uphill battle, given that trends change, new players come in, and the demands of customers evolve. In order to ensure that your business flourish and that customers frequently patronize your business, here are some pointers you can follow.

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Make Sure That You’re Addressing a Particular Customer Problem

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This is relatively simple to understand. Businesses exist to address a demand. That usually involves a problem for consumers. Uber and Grab addressed the problem of transportation. HonestBee addressed the problem of purchasing groceries in a fast paced world. PayPal addressed the problem most have when it comes to transacting and transferring money online.

In that regard, you have to understand what problem you’re trying to address and how you can add value to the lives of your consumers.Once you communicate this, customers will certainly go to you again and again in order to make their lives easier.

Give The Users a Unique Experience

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Competition is always tight. Even if you’re the first one to come up with a solution, other businesses will eventually follow. They may even overshadow you in the future. Just look at the fast food industry.

In this regard, it is of utmost importance to add another layer to the customer experience. This could be packaging, promos and discounts,and even new twists on old classics (who can forget Auntie Anne’s cream cheese filled pretzels?) For some, such as Jollibee, it’s about the stories that they tell and even what they mean to customers.

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Other brands also consider loyalty programs. These activations reward customers with exciting prizes after a number of purchases. This has proven to be effective given that customers receive treats while brands gather insightful data about purchasing behavior.

Think about what uniqueness you can infuse to your products and service. It might make all the difference to who they choose.  

Build Brand Reputation Brick by Brick

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Loyalty comes to those who work on their reputation as service providers. While it’s fairly easy to come up with a branding that'll stick to mind, making sure that you’re image remains pristine and trustworthy is a challenging endeavor.

Keep your communications clear. Be since in your advertising, marketing and sales efforts.Make certain that any changes with your product, service and price is announced. Be upfront about potential concerns that you have created. Treat each customer as if they were the most important ones. This is the reason why companies like Apple, Windows, and Netflix continue to flourish even after decades.

Keep Making Noise and Make Sure You’re Visible

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This next one is a no brainer. No matter what happens, make sure what you are offering is visible to your target audience. That means keeping up with the latest marketing trends and complying with industry standards. Build a website and have it optimized for mobile use. Think about a newsletter. Active content marketing plans. Be on the social media platforms where you’re audience is at.

If you want proof, just look at killer brands such as Oishi, Dove and Kentucky Fried Chicken. These brands have transcended traditional advertising initiatives and have totally owned social media feeds.

Loyalty is not impossible. It just needs work. Be on the right path by following these helpful tips from Rush.

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