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RUSH Technologies, Inc. is currently looking for a Senior Marketing Consultant

Department: Growth

Understanding the Role

Startups in the hyper growth stage are often looking for ways to expand their customer base and increase customer retention. As Senior Marketing Consultant , you play a part in this thrust, being responsible for managing all stages of the customer experience: acquisition, activation, retention, and up-selling.

Our ideal candidate for this role is an expert in digital marketing with prior experience in product management. Working cross-functionally with the Growth, Product, Tech, and Commercials teams while reporting directly to the Officer-In-Charge Chief Growth Officer (OIC-CGO), you will design and implement data-driven growth initiatives that reach both new and current customers on multiple platforms. You will also be our social media champion, and rely on web analytics to develop insightful reports for teams and superiors. 

Success in this role demands a strong sense of communication coupled with quantitative analysis and a highly developed collaborative nature.

Salary: Php 75,000

Basic Qualifications
  • Academic Background: Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communications, or any related field. 
  • Relevant Work Experience: Minimum of 5 years working in Sales, Marketing, or Branding. Knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing is valuable. An equivalent of the same in working experience is also acceptable.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communicator. Ability to translate technical features to user benefits. Background in design and copywriting is a plus.
  • Quantitative Analysis: Matches creative executions with data and figures. Working knowledge of web analytics.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates strong attention to detail, high-energy and proactive nature, positive and can-do attitude, results-driven, has exceptional problem-solving skills, and can work in a group setting. Must also work comfortably with business executives and leadership.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Owning execution of campaigns as part of the company’s growth strategy. The Senior Marketing Consultant will work with the Growth team to execute all campaigns, from owning the conceptualization, to creation and completion. While designers, writers, and lead generators will help implement campaigns, the Senior Marketing Consultant will have the responsibility of pushing it through to the finish line.
  • Optimizing inbound lead generation by focusing on key metrics. Comprehensive data sources are critical to plan and optimize campaigns and content. They will work alongside their Growth team as well as the CGO to build plans to enhance the company’s lead generation efforts.
  • Building comprehensive reporting utilizing SEO best practices. Through internal link audits, keyword research, and anchor page audits, they can create reports that reflect the type of content needed, content that’s doing well, content that needs updating, and content that can be removed from the company website, social media accounts, and in email campaigns.
  • Product Marketing Strategy: They must be on the lookout for market trends and competitor executions. They must also create buyer personas to align the products with customers and use marketing tools to communicate its benefits to the market.