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RUSH Technologies, Inc. is currently looking for a Brand Specialist

Department: Growth

Understanding the Role

The Brand Specialist will be responsible for executing inbound marketing strategies to build a brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online.

The Brand Specialist plays a key role in helping the Brand Manager grow and scale the brand in all aspects by developing content, growing an online community, and tracking that community’s growth- all within the overarching marketing strategy and initiatives.

To be successful in this position, you should have excellent copywriting and oral communication skills. You should also be able to analyze relevant marketing metrics, spot trends that the brand can hop on, and use those to drive your marketing executions. You should be well-versed in using digital channels including social media and website. You may be required to work with different teams from time to time, so having a collaborative and proactive attitude is essential.

Salary: Php 35,000

Basic Qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or any related field
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in digital marketing, content marketing, and online community building
Skills & Knowledge
  • Communication Skills: Strong communicator (both in oral and written communication), with proven experience in copywriting (for social media content, emailers, digital ads, etc.)
  • Quantitative Analysis: Data-driven and highly analytical; must have knowledge of analytics tools (Google Analytics, Meta Insights, etc.)
  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates strong attention to detail, high-energy and proactive nature, positive and can-do attitude, results-driven, and have exceptional time management skills. Must be able to work well individually and in a group setting.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Brand Upkeep: Together with the entire Marketing arm of Growth, the Brand Specialist will ensure that the contents produced adheres to the defined brand guidelines.

  • Content Marketing: The Brand Specialist will develop contents that appeal to defined audience segments, exploring different content formats tailored for the right channels.

    • Craft executions and create content (ex. EDM, social media content, Viber messaging, etc.) that complement the overall marketing strategy
    • Create a content plan and calendar for assigned promotional channels
    • Assess which platform different kinds of content are best suited to
    • Produce high-quality content by collaborating with the Creative team
    • Research on trending content and assess which the brand should leverage
    • Optimize content considering SEO and other marketing analytics tools
  • Channel Growth: The Brand Specialist will be tasked to grow RUSH’s community of followers or subscribers across its owned channels
    • Develop and create content to widen audience reach and drive engagement
    • Grow the following of RUSH’s social and digital channels (ex. RUSH social channels, RUSH Plus Viber community)
    • Lead campaigns that push awareness and drive conversions (ex. To RUSH, to RUSH merchants)
  • Campaign Execution and Management: The Brand Specialist will help ensure that campaigns are running smoothly through and through.
    • Provide insights and assist in analyzing marketing metrics (clickthrough rates, conversion rates, cost per lead, etc.) to shape and/or recalibrate content marketing strategies
    • Set short-term goals for social media campaigns (especially B2C efforts)